How to crack IBPS Clerk English section in quick time?

It is difficult for many candidates from non-English background to crack IBPS Clerk English language section. And there are candidates who score majority of their total marks from the English section.

I have written this article from 2 perspectives. One for those who find English section easy and other who are from non-English background.

Crack IBPS Clerk English Section

Firstly, take a look at English syllabus in IBPS Clerk Exam 2016:

Spotting errors
Fill in the blank Cloze Test
Idioms & Phrases
Synonyms and antonyms
Reconstruction of sentence & Passage
One word substitution
Phrase substitution
Jumbled up sentences
Double blanks in a sentence
Commonly misspelled words
Comprehension passages

Marks Distribution:

Topic Marks
Reading Comprehension 10
Cloze Test 5
Error Detection 5
Para Jumble 5
Sentence Correction 5
Other topics 10


Marking Scheme:

There will be 40 questions carrying a total of 40 marks i.e. 1 mark for each question. You will be given 30 minutes to complete this section.

For every right answer, 1 mark will be allotted.
For every wrong answer, 1 marks will be deducted.
For not answering a question, no allotment-no deduction of marks.

General Suggestion:

These are some of the toughest & time-consuming topics in English section. Therefore, it is peremptory to know something about such topics.

Reading Comprehension:

In reading comprehension section there will be a passage and question based on the passage. As the paper is online so candidates before reading the passage should once go through the questions. Once you read questions then you will get some idea about the answers.

Error Detection:

This English section contains error detection topics. Question in which you have to find out the errors related to grammar or spelling.

Para Jumbles/Sentence Rearrangement:

Para Jumbles are the important questions asked in IBPS Clerk English section. In these questions, you have to rearrange the parts of sentences to form a meaningful sentence.

Cloze Test:

A cloze test is a type of comprehension exercise in which the reader is required to add words that have been omitted from the passage. This has to be done by:

Filling in the blanks in passages and comprehensions, and choosing words in a running passage to maintain the sequence of various sentences in the paragraphs.

For every blank, you will be given 5 choices and you have to select the closest one.

Suggestion for those who are from non-English background:

It is recommended that you should refer Norman Lewis for improving word vocabulary.

There are three major brands of English newspaper available in the market. First one is – The Times of India which is user-friendly & the second and third one is The Hindu & The Indian express which can change your English abilities.

Start from The Times of India & then move to next two gradually.

Read whatever you like. Increase your reading capacity.

In the exam, try to avoid Para Jumble sentences, which can also be tough for candidates having a strong English background.

It is also suggested to attempt Reading Comprehension in the last, as it is very time-consuming.

Attempting these two topics incorrectly can lead to negative marking by a huge margin. So, try to attempt these questions in the later stage of the exam.

And try to perform well in other sections such as in Reasoning, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness section to cover up!

Suggestion for those who consider English as their strong point:

No need to assist you guys. IBPS Clerk English section will be a smooth walk for you. Try to attempt all the questions. It is the easiest section in IBPS Clerk  Pre as well as in Mains Exam.

Same suggestions can also be implemented in IBPS PO Exam 2016.

All the best for the exam. 🙂

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IBPS Clerk Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2016-2017 (Prelims – Mains)

IBPS Clerk Exam is conducted every year in the month of December-January for the post of clerical cadre. Many new aspirants are eager to know the detailed IBPS Clerk Syllabus and IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern.

IBPS Clerk Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2016-2017 (Prelims - Mains)
IBPS Clerk Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2016-2017 (Prelims – Mains)

Cracking IBPS Clerk Exam is not at all an easy task! But if you know the IBPS Clerk Exam Syllabus and IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern very well and understand it according to your strong points and weakness, then you can get a clear idea and build a strategy to crack IBPS Clerk Exam.

Now let’s take a look at IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern 2016-2017:

IBPS Clerk Preliminary Exam Pattern:

General Awareness and Computer Knowledge are not tested in IBPS Clerk Preliminary Exam.

There are basically 3 sections i.e. English language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability. You just need to clear your category cut-off sectional as well as total to qualify for the IBPS Clerk Mains Exam.

Sr. No. Name of Tests No. of questions Max. Marks Duration
1 English language 30 30 1 hours
2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
3 Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

IBPS Clerk Mains Exam Pattern:

In accordance with the IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern 2016-2017, the exam will be conducted in 5 sections: Reasoning, English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and Computer Knowledge.

Besides clearing the sectional and total cut-off, you also need to score more marks than your category’s cut-off so that you can get an interview call. It is recommended to score as much as possible in the Mains Exam, so that the interview marks do not affect your overall marks needed to get a bank allotment through IBPS.

The deeper you get in the recruitment process, the tougher the completion is. So, it is necessary to score more than other candidates to get finally selected.

Check out the Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk 2016-2017 given below-

Sr. No. Name of Tests No. of questions Max. Marks Duration (Minutes)
1 Reasoning 40 40 30
2 English language 40 40 30
3 Quantitative Aptitude 40 40 30
4 General Awareness (with special reference to banking industry) 40 40 25
5 Computer Knowledge 40 40 20
Total 200 200 135

Now, take a look at IBPS Clerk Syllabus:

IBPS Clerk Syllabus:

1. IBPS Clerk Exam Syllabus for Reasoning Section (Prelims and Mains):

As per the IBPS Clerk Syllabus, the questions that are asked in the exam paper will be from Analogy, Puzzle, Odd Man out, Syllogism, word formation, Statement and conclusions, Statement and assumptions, Statement and arguments, Passage and conclusions, Coding decoding, Blood relations, Alphabet test, Series test, Number, ranking and time sequence, Direction sense test, Sitting arrangement, Decision making, Input output, Assertion and reasoning etc.

2. IBPS Clerk Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude Section:

The Quantitative Aptitude IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2016-2017 is as follows:

Data Interpretation, Profit and loss, Simple and compound interest problems, Time and work problems, Time and distance problems, Average problems, Simplifications, Partnerships, Percentage, Ratio and proportions, Average & Ages Ratio & Proportion, Pie charts, Number system, HCF & LCM, Number series, Approximation Wrong Number, Finding next number in series, Decimal fractions, Square root and cube root, Bar graphs, Line graphs, Case study, Mensuration, Permutations and combinations, Data tables, Probability.

3. IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2016 for English Language Section:

English Language Syllabus for IBPS Clerk 2016-2017 consists the questions from the important topics given below –

  • Spotting errors
  • Fill in the blank Cloze Test
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Reconstruction of sentence & passage
  • One-word substitution
  • Phrase substitution
  • Jumbled up sentences
  • Double blanks in a sentence
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Comprehension passages

4. IBPS Clerk General Awareness Syllabus with special reference to banking industry-section:

Check out the important topics from General Awareness Syllabus for IBPS Clerk 2016-2017 mentioned below –

Abbreviations / full forms, Important days / dates, Currency and capital, Ministers and their departments, Indian Economy, International Economy, Budget, Census, Ministers and their ministry, important persons, head of the organizations, tag lines, Important days / dates, ministers and their departments, world countries and their capital and currencies, UNO, Marketing, Awards & Honors, Sports, Finance, Agriculture etc. History of Banking, current affairs of last 6 months, countries/currencies, Books & Their Authors, Banking Terms, RBI, Fiscal-Monetary Policies etc, Social Function of Banks

5. IBPS Clerk Computer Knowledge Section Syllabus for 2016-17:

We have listed the important topics from IBPS Clerk Syllabus for Computer Knowledge in the below paragraph –

Basic computer fundamentals, History and Future of Computers, Computer abbreviation, Microsoft-office, Basic knowledge of Internet use, Shortcut keys, Basic Software & Hardware and their functionalities, History and Future of Computers, Networking, etc.

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IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme:

In both, IBPS Clerk Prelims and Mains Exam – there is a penalty for giving wrong answer in IBPS Clerk exam.

0.25 marks out of 1-mark question will be reduced from candidate’s marks if any wrong answer has been given. For not answering a question, there will be no gain or loss of marks i.e. no marks deduction will be done. For each right answer, you will be allotted 1 mark.

Hope you have a great exam! 🙂
All the very best! 🙂